I wish I could put words to what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. Sometimes it all seems so clear, but mostly it’s a jumbled mess of mixed messages…
feeding cravings & fueling memories

January 2023

Originally published September 2017 There's no shortage of pizza dough recipes on the site, and the same can be said about bread recipes. The last few…
apricot-vanilla scone recipe

November 2022

a small batch recipe to use up leftover canned pumpkin

October 2022

Originally published November 2016 Imagine everything you love about pumpkin pie tucked inside a waffle? No fumbling over crust (although, with this…
for when you just need to serve a small group!
recipe for Chocolate Espresso Chia Pudding
a small batch recipes {makes 4}

August 2022

plus some links to favorite regular bread recipes

July 2022

It feels like the rain is never going to stop. I'm quite certain I heard the plants cry for life rafts during today's early morning survey of the…

June 2022

This post was originally published October 2018 It’s almost a year since sourdough starter entered my life, and what a year it’s been. Yeast never…