What is Simmering?

After 20 years of writing online, it’s time to get back to the root of why I write and cook. Simmering is about the way our life weaves together in all we do. It’s said the hearth is the heart of the home, and well, you can’t spell hearth without heart. My writing is sometimes raw, sometimes funny—always honest and soulful. Simmering is the process by which we all live; it’s the road to both the joyful and painful parts of reality.

What you can expect

Always honest writing, from a real homecook who just so happens to have made a career as a chef, food writer and cookbook author.

Easy, accessible recipes. My life is busy as a single parent with two kids, one cat, one dog and an 80-year old year house in a rural area. While I love a long-simmered stew, I prefer recipes that accentuate the joy of cooking and baking with minimal clean up.

Real-life photos. I love food photography and appreciate the art of food styling but that is not my focus. I also think food should feel accessible (are you sensing a theme?). My food may look styled but that is more for my benefit because I love a beautifully set table and plate of food.

How Often Do I Post?

You can expect to receive one new post with a brand-new recipe every week delivered to your inbox. I’m currently migrating 12 years worth of recipes from my original site over here, so check back frequently to see “new” old additions.

Currently, posts are available for everyone to read for free, with the recipes at the end of each post reserved for paid subscribers only.

Are There Other Perks or Membership Benefits

Yes! Members-only digital cookbooks are made available a few times a year.

About Jennie

I’m a mother, widow, wife, friend and student of this great experiment we call life. My life has revolved around food for more than 30 years. Cooking from scratch is a passion that often results in tasks like picking violets from my lawn in the spring to make violet syrup, or making cough drops and cough syrup to get us through the cold winters of upstate New York. A peek in my basement pantry will show the labor of my love, with jars of homemade sauce, jams, pickles and even homemade spirits.

In 2013, after spending 40 years of my life in Brooklyn, I moved to a tiny house near Woodstock, NY where I now live my daughters, one cat, a dog and backyard of deer that look beautiful but have a ferocious appetite for David Austin rose bushes and pretty much everything else I plant in my garden.

My work has been featured in print and online since 1999. My first cookbook, Homemade with Love, was published in 2013. My debut cookbook, Homemade with Love, was published in 2013, and I’ve since worked on two celebrity cookbooks with Tia Mowry and Patricia Heaton, as well as wrote a beginner’s guide to Intermittent Keto.

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