Originally published February 2014 By now, you've probably figured out I'm a bit obsessive about cooking from scratch. Michael used to tease me, and ask…

January 2023

Originally published March 2014 The kids are snuggled in their beds, fast asleep. Much as I should be in bed, too, I'm wide-eyed after a cat nap. It's…

December 2022

+ January class schedule & gift classes for the holidays

November 2022

Originally published August 2018 I found myself across from Ferdinando’s Focacceria a few nights ago, also known as The Panelle place for those who grew…

July 2022

Originally published August 2016 It’s peak season at the farm stand right now. I feel like a kid in a candy shop with every visit. While nothing seems…
Originally published April 2015 I check the farm stand every few days for signs of spring really being here. Back in the city, broccoli rabe is an…
Originally published July 2016 Paris is a bread lover’s dream, so yes, that was just one of the million reasons I'm in heaven when I visit. Right next…

June 2022

and some thoughts on work-life balance

March 2022

lettuce need not apply

January 2022

ditch roasted, and use the stovetop for the best cauliflower
a simple soak makes almonds easier to digest & enjoy

December 2021

how to make NYE special even if you're staying home