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4-Ingredient Candy Bar Fudge

a quick, no-bake holiday treat recipe

It’s December 22nd, and I’m struggling to understand where the time went this last month. Thanksgiving feels like it was just yesterday but here we are in the middle of Hanukkah, with Christmas just three days away. There’s so much I still want to make and share even if time isn’t on my side.

There’s my Gingerbread Bûche de Noël for starters. Maybe I can make that happen for a celebratory cake between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I made it as a gift for my best friend last year, and since I’m seeing her again next week, maybe I’ll make it again to bring for dessert.

Baking aside, what I really want to do is relax a little. Curl up in jammies with a book and bottomless cups of coffee that slowly fade into hot cups of cocoa. I’m writing this in my new plaid flannel jammies and super soft floofy slippers, so maybe that’s a good start? At least until I switch to storm preparation mode shortly. Fingers crossed the power stays on. I’m really exhausted by the weather patterns lately.

While I contemplate trimming the trees in advance of the the high winds expected, and check the generator’s propane tanks, why don’t you get cozy with this little video recipe I made. I’m excited to connect with all of you in this way, and hope to do more videos here in the coming year.

I’ll be back before 2023 but until then, enjoy the fudge if you make it, and have a happy, peace-filled few days ahead. Be well, and remember to be kind. –xo, j

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